We nurture a vision of contributing to the development of the nation by bringing forth best of India and its denizens through our products and work. The Group practices this philosophy by creating better conditions at work, eschewing exploitation, grooming people of the Group’s Family to deliver world class products.

At our workplace, we maintain high standards for fair and dignified treatment towards all who join hands with us. It is not just a place to work, but another home.


We also believe that a Company is as good as the people who work with it - their combined talents, skills, knowledge, experience and passion make us who we are. Hence, our goal is to inspire and motivate our people to hone their talents, increase their knowledge and skills and achieve extraordinary results at their workplace.

As we take care of people who work with us, we also consider it as our responsibility to support the community and society that we live in. At Three Sixty, we support ‘Missions of Charity, Kolkata set up by Mother Teresa’ with annual contribution of considerable amount of rice to their missionaries. We also support ‘Khushi’, the non-government organization working for the under-privileged. Food is provided regularly to the needy and less-privileged clustered around our factories.

We staunchly uphold human rights issues relating to non-employment of child labour, practicing fair trade values, providing medical facilities to our people and attempting to create a healthy and safe work environment.