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Technical Features
Specially Designed for Frequent Cyclic Discharge Usage.
Using Strong Grid & Specific Paste Plate.
Battery Have 30% More Cyclic Life Time than Standby
Latest Deep Cycle Technology.
Require Low Maintenance.
Pollution Free Eco Friendly.
Sealed Maintenance Free Operation.
Exceptional Deep Discharge Recovery.
Fast Charging.
Not restricted for air transport-complies with IATA/ICAO
  Special Provision A67.
UL-recognized component.
Can be mounted in any orientation.
Computer designed lead, calcium tin alloy grid for high
  power density.
Long service life, float or cyclic applications.
Low self discharge.
Construction Of Three Sixty Smf Battery
Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination of up to 99% and freedom from
  electrolyte maintenance or water adding.
Thicker post for extra strength.
Best Micro porous AGM technology to ensure maintenance free characteristics.
Low permeability A.B.S. (UL94-HB) containers to ensure reduce case buildings & Plate warping.
Inter-cell weld of cells to provide low resistance current path.
Extra thick special alloy grids and best separator compression to prolong the life, no water loss &
  Maintenance free.
UPS / INVERTERS, Solar & Wind Power Systems, Electric Wheel Chair & Golf Cart